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Japan maintains steady momentum

July 2, 2012

The earthquake and subsequent nuclear disaster that hit Japan in 2011 does not seem to have affected its banks too dramatically, though its largest lender has been passed by two Chinese banks in the overall Top 1000 ranking.

TEASER-Euro woes weigh heavily on Asia

Asia weighs euro impact as global economy rebalances

June 1, 2012

Delegates at the annual Asian Development Bank meeting in Manila had their attention firmly focused upon another continent – Europe – and what the economic problems in the region may pose for its trade and financial activity in Asia. 

Martin Nijboer

ING opens the door for Japan's Pro-Bond market

June 1, 2012

The Japanese Pro-Bond market, which was created in 2011, allows foreign issuers an easier route to Japan’s ample liquidity than through the traditional Samurai market. However, it needed a ground-breaking deal, and Dutch bank ING obliged.

Australia dominates 'other' Asia-Pacific ranking

April 2, 2012

While the Asia-Pacific region's growth story over the past few decades has been powered by Japan and then China, at least as far as banking is concerned, when these two countries are removed from The Banker's Asia-Pacific rankings, it is Australia's banks that come to the fore. 

Global banks go back to basics

March 1, 2012

Investors appear to have lost confidence in diversified cross-border banking models, forcing banks to decide what they do best.

Are emerging market banks more transparent?

December 21, 2011

Banks in emerging markets appear to run greater risks to achieve greater returns. But they may just be more conservative in assessing their risks.

Mitsubishi UFJ and Morgan Stanley figures

Mitsubishi UFJ-Morgan Stanley joint venture takes shape

December 1, 2011

Morgan Stanley's joint venture in Japan with Mitsubishi UFJ Group has been criticised by competitors as a concession to MUFG for its huge investment in the US bank at the height of the financial crisis. However, Jonathan Kindred, CEO of MSMS, one of the companies formed by the joint venture, is adamant that the long-term benefits of the move will prove the critics wrong.

Japan top 100 teaser

Asian growth story evades Japanese banks

December 1, 2011

Japan's banks recorded unremarkable increases in profitability and returns over the past year, yet the country's big players have maintained their prominence within the global rankings, suggesting that their disappointing performance is part of a wider global trend. But with the data from the months following the disasters of March 2011 yet to be revealed, the performance of Japan's banks could yet take a further hit.


Is Nomura running out of time?

November 1, 2011

With its acquisition of Lehman Brothers' non-US operations, Nomura made an audacious bid to join the global investment banking elite. Little did it know that its bold move would coincide with the worst economic and financial environment for the best part of a century. However, its senior management believe that if they hold their nerve, the gamble can still reap the rewards they originally expected.  

Atushi Saito

Japan still integral to Asian and global economic progression

September 1, 2011

Moves to establish economic communities in Asia are gathering pace. Atsushi Saito, president and CEO of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, explains why Japan will be a leader in any such regionalisation.

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