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Dampened growth in the property fund market

September 3, 2007

To realise their potential, Japanese real estate investment trusts need both consolidation and to be granted a freer hand by regulators, says Charles Smith.

Looking to a greater overseas presence

September 3, 2007

After the bunker mentality of the early 2000s, when some banks sold off almost all their overseas assets, Japan’s big banks are increasingly turning their attentions abroad. Charles Smith reports.

Fears of a free-for-all

July 4, 2007

Japan’s distinctly tiered banking system could change dramatically if local government reform goes ahead, and regional banks are worried by the potential threat that a privatised postal savings bank could pose. Charles Smith reports.

Loan performance improves but Tier 1 capital declines

July 2, 2007

Japan’s banks may be out of hot water in terms of reducing non-performing loans (NPLs) as a percentage of their overall loan portfolios, but they continue to struggle to grow pre-tax profits and assets.

Japan’s debt monster enters the markets

January 8, 2007

Charles Smith reports on the all-round benefits of deregulating Japan’s municipal finance market and in particular the opportunities that will arise for foreign banks and investors.

China’s M&A misfortunes

September 4, 2006

In their first major mergers and acquisitions forays overseas, Chinese companies are being buffeted by Sinophobia and their own lack of nous. Sophie Roell looks at recent deals.

Losses recede but Japan still lags far behind other regions

July 3, 2006

Japan’s banks continue to make steady progress back to health, and many would argue that the big banks are already there. With an aggregate pre-tax profit of $51.3bn, the Japanese banking sector has surpassed last year’s $32.4bn, and left 2003’s pre-tax losses of $39.3bn a distant memory.

Technological debacles suggest Japan’s recovery is still shaky

February 6, 2006

A series of unfortunate events at the Tokyo Stock Exchange may be symptomatic of the weakness of Japan’s economy as a whole.


January 2, 2006

Mizuho Financial Group
Terunobu Maeda, CEO

KPMG Report: Foreign Bank Branches in Japan

October 3, 2005

Research shows that foreign banks operating in Japan have found the going increasingly tough during the past 12 months while the US prepaid card market goes from strength to strength. Stephen Timewell explains.

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