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Summary of the Top 1000 World Banks 2021

The past 18 months have been like none other within living memory. With large parts of the global economy being shut down for months at a time and the fortunes of many individuals and businesses taking a big hit, it is possible that the Covid-19 pandemic could have taken a very heavy toll on the global banking sector.  

Yet, although pre-tax profits in most regions have dropped substantively, and many banks are now carrying balance sheets laden with allowances for expected loan losses, in general, the sector has held up remarkably well, especially when compared to the financial crisis of 2007-09. And, in fact, far from being in dire straits, the sector is better capitalised than ever before. 

The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks ranks the largest banks by Tier 1 capital, a key measure of banking strength. In addition, we analyse more than 120 data points tracked by The Banker Database year-on-year. The ranking is an invaluable resource for benchmarking bank-to-bank, as well as understand the health and wealth of the global banking industry. 

Exclusive in-depth regional commentary and analysis

The features exclusive regional commentary and analysis. We examine which countries' banks dominate the regional rankings, the top performers, fastest growing banks, new entrants and who has dropped down the global table. 

Best-performing banks by country

The Banker examines how well banks in 20 of the world’s largest economies performed in the past year, their resiliency in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, using additional data analysis from The Banker Database.

Top 1000 World Banks 2021

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