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To bail or not to bail?

April 6, 2009

The Nigerian government is coming under increasing pressure to bail out the country's ailing bank sector, but many claim that the banks are resilient enough to survive the crisis without state support, which could do more harm than good. Charlie Corbett reports from Lagos.

Reasons to be cheerful

April 6, 2009

A collapsed stock market and a plummeting oil price would normally be good reason for investors to steer clear of Nigeria. But the country is weathering the financial storm and its reformed bank sector, while unsteady, looks set to survive the crisis intact. Charlie Corbett reports from Lagos.

Nigeria’s banks and the impact of the crisis

February 2, 2009

Nigeria’s banks have so far been relatively insulated from the credit crisis in the West, but with external sources of capital rapidly drying up, how long can this situation last? Erastus Akinbola is chief executive of one of Nigeria’s leading banks, Intercontinental Bank, and president of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria. He spoke to Charlie Corbett about the impact of the credit crisis on Nigeria’s banking industry.

Africa’s new leaders: The next generation

January 5, 2009

Good news from Africa is often drowned out by a tide of negative reporting. The Banker aims to combat this by profiling the achievements of leading young Africans. Writer Charlie Corbett.

Nigeria’s new energy

April 6, 2008

Like many of his predecessors, President Yar’Adua will be judged on his management of Nigeria’s energy sector. With this in mind, the premier will be personally overseeing his overhaul of the country’s oil and gas industries, write Eleanor Gillespie and Jon Marks.

A state of disrepair

April 6, 2008

The dire state of Nigeria’s transport and power sectors are hindering the country’s growth. President Yar’Adua has made tackling the problem a priority for his administration but the sheer size of the task makes international investment crucial. By John McCarthy.

Chasing the main prize

April 6, 2008

Renaissance Capital has investments all over Africa but, as deputy chief executive Andrew Cornthwaite tells Nick Kochan, its focus is firmly on Nigeria.

London calling

April 6, 2008

One strategy that Nigerian banks are following to boost return on capital is setting up shop in London. Nick Kochan explores the challenges they face.

Less risk, more reward

April 6, 2008

Foreign investors’ confidence in Nigeria is improving as governmental efforts to tackle corruption and bribery start to yield positive results. By Nick Kochan.

Cashing in

April 6, 2008

Political stability, economic growth, foreign investment, oil wealth, a growing middle class; there are many reasons why Nigeria’s banks have amassed large capital bases. As Charlie Corbett reports, the dilemma now is how to use it.

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