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Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

May 1, 2012

Armed with deep pools of liquidity, many Middle Eastern banks are exploring new avenues of growth, from expanding their regional presence to concentrating on innovation within the Islamic finance sphere.

Kuwait pushes PPP agenda

Kuwait looks to private sector funding in PPP push

April 2, 2012

Now Kuwait has joined many other Gulf states in pushing through private financing across a range of sectors and overhauling its infrastructure, it boasts one of the Middle East's largest and most diverse public-private partnership programmes. But as the country's government opts for PPPs, will the banks follow?

Kuwaits growth challenge

Kuwait's growth challenge

April 2, 2012

Home to an estimated 9% of the world’s total oil reserves, Kuwait posted its 12th consecutive budget surplus of $18.9bn in 2011. But while the country's coffers are flush with cash, continued political infighting has stymied development, leaving the economy overly reliant on the oil sector and the country's basic infrastructure in need of improvement.

Kuwaits banks play the waiting game

Kuwait's banks play the waiting game

April 2, 2012

Kuwait's banks are struggling to recover from the significant losses made in 2008 and 2009, suffering with high levels of non-performing loans and a dearth of lending opportunities. The government's economic development plan was designed to both offer a lifeline to the banking sector and diversify the country's oil-reliant economy, but while banks are keen to get on board with the various projects, political indecision is slowing their progress.

Kuwait cover teaser

Will Kuwait's stock exchange watchdog show its teeth?

April 2, 2012

In an attempt to tighten its regulatory framework and instil greater confidence in investors, Kuwait’s parliament has approved its first independent capital markets regulator for the Kuwait Stock Exchange. Only time will tell if the move can resuscitate the market.

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Kuwait's banks struggle to deploy capital

October 3, 2011

Awash with liquidity, Kuwait's banks are struggling to find opportunities to deploy their capital. Implementation of the country's much-heralded $113bn Economic Development Plan is making slow progress amid parliamentary disputes, and banks remain wary of the beleaguered investment and real estate markets.

Kuwait goes to the polls

Kuwait: a calm presence in an unsettled region

March 22, 2011

As political and social unrest spreads across many countries in the Middle East and north Africa, Kuwait – the Gulf region's only democracy – is making progress across many fields in a quiet and efficient manner.

Faisal Al Ayyar, vice-chairman, Kipco

The race to fill the Middle East's pensions gap

March 21, 2011

Funding retirement presents a challenge for governments in the Middle East and north Africa because of the vast numbers of people who will reach retirement age in the next 40 years – but it also offers opportunities for financial services providers.

Sheikh Salem Abdul Aziz Al-Sabah, central bank governor, Kuwait

Central Bank of Kuwait's precaution pays off

March 18, 2011

Sheikh Salem Abdul Aziz Al-Sabah, central bank governor of Kuwait, tells The Banker about the next steps in the country's economic development plan and how a regional single currency can become a reality.

Bader Al-Sa'ad, managing director, Kuwait Investment Authority

Kuwait Investment Authority moves to active investment

March 18, 2011

With a reputed $200bn under management, the Kuwait Investment Authority has been moving away from its traditional reliance on blue-chip stocks, but will its new enthusiasm for active investment pay off?

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