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Greek rescue: The big issue

August 30, 2010

Controversy still surrounds the decision of the International Monetary Fund to bail out Greece at a rate of 3200% in excess of its quota. Writer Jane Monahan

George Papaconstantinou

August 30, 2010

George Papaconstantinou, Greek finance minister

Things look very different for Greece compared to a year ago. A new government intent on change, and the help of the IMF, has brought the country back from the brink of bankruptcy - and served as a wake-up call for the rest of Europe in the process

Sovereign woes cast long shadows for banks

March 3, 2010

The leading Greek banks had retained relatively conservative business models at home prior to the financial crisis, but market fears about government debt make the downturn even harder to manage. Writer Philip Alexander

Issuer strategy: Greece's dark cloud gets a silver lining

November 27, 2009

Although Greece currently has the lowest sovereign rating in the eurozone and the highest budget deficit ratio, its membership was enough to reassure investors that its 15-year issue in November was a safe bet. Writer Edward Russell-Walling

To the Balkans and Beyond

May 5, 2009

Over the past decade, Greece's leading banks have expanded into south-east Europe. To remain competitive, however, they will now need to weather the financial storm and continue to focus on increasing their presence in the Balkans and the rest of eastern Europe. Writer Kerin Hope

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Greece gears up for tough times

May 5, 2009

Greece's service-based economy has been less exposed to the global downturn than elsewhere in Europe, but a positive outlook for 2009 will largely depend on how the tourist industry performs and whether lines of credit will remain available to smaller businesses. Writer Kerin Hope

Eyes on new Europe for profit

November 3, 2008

Greece’s avoidance of complex banking products means it has weathered the downturn better than other European countries. Now it is stealing a march on bigger economies by expanding into its near neighbours. Writer Stephen Timewell.

From minnow to big fish

May 7, 2007

Nicholas Nanopoulos, chief executive of Eurobank EFG, talks to Stephen Timewell about his bank’s strategy and expansion in ‘New Europe’.

Exchange builds regional reach

May 7, 2007

Bourse operator Hellenic Exchanges has cut trading fees on the Athens exchange and is developing links with other exchanges in the region in its bid for a competitive edge. By Kerin Hope.

Branching out

May 7, 2007

With rising demand from the underbanked ‘new’ European states, there are great opportunities for Greek banks intent on expansion.

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