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Globalising like there’s no mañana

June 5, 2006

Massive overseas expansion by once-local firms has led to humming activity in Spain’s capital markets arena. Jules Stewart explains.

Cost-effectiveness scores at home and away

June 5, 2006

Spanish banks are showing inventiveness and agility in their domestic and international markets. Karina Robinson reports from Madrid.

The quest for flexibility

June 5, 2006

Jaime Caruana, governor of the Bank of Spain, talks to The Banker about the Spanish economy. These are edited excerpts from the interview.

Political battles dog progress

June 5, 2006

Spain’s government seems more focused on social policy and political pandering than on the tough reforms that are needed to keep the economy flourishing. Karina Robinson reports from Madrid.

Constraining high octane emotions

June 5, 2006

Antonio Brufau, chairman and CEO of Repsol YPF, tells Karina Robinson of his softly-softly response to Latin American energy nationalism.
Antonio Brufau is CEO and chairman of Repsol YPF, one of the top 10 listed oil companies in the world. He is involved with leading Spanish gas distributor Gas Natural in its hostile bid for Endesa, the Spanish utility.

Beyond mere profit maximisation

November 7, 2005

Juan Ramón Quintás, chairman of the Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros, Spain’s savings banks federation, tells Jules Stewart about the benefits of being mutual.

Banks feel effects of cajas’ success

November 7, 2005

Opposition is mounting to the privileged position of Spain’s ultra successful savings banks, says Jules Stewart.

Santander spots an overlooked opportunity

August 1, 2005

When Santander bought Abbey, not everyone agreed it was a good idea. But its strategy for turning around the ailing bank has proved the doubters wrong, as Brian Caplen reports.

Savings banks defend special status

August 1, 2005

The war of words between savings banks and commercial banks is heating up as the European Commission prepares its study of obstacles to banking consolidation in the EU.
“The cajas [Spanish savings banks] acquire the leftovers of bankrupt banks,” said Juan Ramón Quintás, chairman of the Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros (CECA) – the association of Spanish savings banks.

Tech strategies for Caixa Galicia’s big switch-over

July 4, 2005

To make the radical change from selling products to services, Jose Valino, CIO at Spanish savings bank Caixa Galicia, uses consultants wisely and co-operates with other banks on technology development. He tells Dan Barnes about bridging the gap between the business and IT departments and helping customers to understand the new systems.

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