Latest articles from James Eedes

New versus old

April 3, 2006

James Eedes examines how the younger, more dynamic banks line up competitively against their well-established, but antiquated, peers and finds much talk but a lack of clear strategy.

African challenges,African solutions

January 2, 2006

IMF prescriptions have been discarded, making way for an African-owned plan, based on good governance, infrastructure investment and intra-regional trade. James Eedes explains.

Tough regime starts to pay off

November 7, 2005

Nigeria’s central bank governor Charles Soludo is pushing through reforms designed to strengthen the banking sector and is seeing results. James Eedes reports.

Oil revenues aid recovery

November 7, 2005

Algeria is working hard to recover from years of civil war. Its twin aims of social reconciliation and fiscal reform include restructure of the financial services sector. James Eedes reports on progress.

In defence of unorthodox economic strategies

November 7, 2005

Barbados premier Owen Arthur tells James Eedes what lies behind his economic policies, which he continues to follow against the advice of the IMF.

SME funding inches ahead

October 3, 2005

Innovative schemes are overturning the belief that financing African small and medium-sized enterprises is unprofitable. There may even be models for commercial banks to follow. But development finance is still needed to prove the case,James Eedes reports.

Homemade help is Africa’s best hope

August 1, 2005

While some believe the G8 summit in Scotland was a missed opportunity,James Eedes reports that solutions originating in Africa promise to have themost lasting and meaningful impact.

Impressive progress keeps hopes high

July 4, 2005

Afghanistan has many issues to resolve, such as security, a poor infrastructure and over-reliance on aid. But when you consider the recent strides that have been made, the country has reason for optimism. James Eedes reports from Kabul.

Sustainability question hangs over good record

May 2, 2005

While Latin America’s financial leaders celebrate the region’s growth, analysts warn that reform momentum must be maintained. James Eedes reports from Okinawa.

Building Africa

April 4, 2005

The policymakers of the African continent face some of the toughest challenges in the world today. James Eedes lists the eight most noteworthy figures who have worked to stabilise, reform and improve their respective economies.
UK chancellor Gordon Brown has emerged as champion of Africa’s cause, arguing for a better dispensation for the continent. UK prime minister Tony Blair is getting in on the act. And ageing rocker Bono of the band U2 is also a campaigner. In all this, it’s easy to overlook the fact that even with debt relief, more aid and fairer trade, Africans themselves have to implement the right policies, justify often tough measures to uneasy electorates and resist fierce opposition from reluctant or corrupt elites. It is a job requiring leadership, tenacity and political nous.

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