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Tight window of opportunity

July 4, 2007

A consortium including Goldman Sachs won the mandate for a strategic review and IPO execution for Turkey’s state-owned Halkbank. A tight schedule for US distribution and a political/religious row that spilled volatility into the Istanbul stock market failed to derail the sale. Edward Russell-Walling reports.

Turkey’s Calik full of energy

April 2, 2007

Turkey-based Calik Holding, keen to finance its overseas purchases in areas ranging from construction and telecoms to banking and energy, has burst on to the international stage with a $200m debt issue. Edward Russell-Walling reports.

Growth is not a certainty

March 5, 2007

Turkey’s economy grew 5.7% in the first nine months of 2006. But economists warn that the bloated current account deficit, mounting foreign debts and rising political risks could stifle future growth, Metin Demirsar reports from Istanbul.

Player still struggles to make the team

January 8, 2007

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is determined to get his country into the EU despite nay-sayers on all sides. He talks to Karina Robinson.

A reformed and financed Turkey must not slip the EU’s grasp

November 6, 2006

There is a strong resurgence of EU banks investing in Turkey. At a time when clashes of religions and secular systems are a concern worldwide, Turkey is an important example of what can be achieved.

Turkey finds reforms pay off in face of market volatility

October 2, 2006

Turkish banks withstood the financial market turbulence earlier this year with much greater ease than many observers expected. This suggests that the reforms put in place after the 2001 debacle have gone a long way towards preventing a recurrence.

Investment windows

September 4, 2006

Turkey’s young population is driving the skyrocketing demand for housing. Metin Demirsar reports on the projects that offer opportunities for investors.

Still shining

September 4, 2006

An economic slowdown has dampened Turkey’s housing boom. But construction in the commercial sector remains brisk and there is still wide scope for the development of real estate finance. Metin Demirsar reports.

EU must help Turkey ward off instability

August 7, 2006

With its neighbours in various states of strife, safeguarding Turkey’s obvious progress should be an EU priority.

Major league FDI recipient

May 2, 2006

Privatisation is sucking in unprecedented levels of foreign direct investment to Turkey. Metin Demirsar reports.

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