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Sorry times for emerging market currencies

May 1, 2014

Emerging market currencies benefited handsomely from the US central bank’s huge quantitative easing programme. With that now being unwound and with China slowing, emerging currencies are now in retreat. Those from economies with weak fundamentals are especially vulnerable. 

Brazil extends its private banking reach

Brazil extends its private banking reach

May 1, 2014

Brazil's private banking business had a wake-up call in 2013 when a stalling economy triggered a slowdown in its growth, increasing competition and forcing banks to look beyond their existing customer base. Now, armed with new strategies and a wider range of products, can Brazil's private banks finally exploit the full potential of this vast and wealthy market?

São Paulo leads Latam financial FDI inflows but Caracas tops outflows list

March 3, 2014

The Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo attracted the most FDI into its financial sector in Latin American and Caribbean cities in 2013, while Caracas in Venezuela was the surprise leader in the outflows table.

How Fed tapering has affected Argentina, Brazil and Chile

How Fed tapering has affected Argentina, Brazil and Chile

March 3, 2014

The tapering of the US Federal reserve's quantitative easing programme and a higher interest rates environment are mopping up liquidity from emerging markets, separating the top-in-class from the current-account-bingers. How does Latin America fare?

Bahia: Brazil's growth state

March 3, 2014

While new data suggests Brazil is teetering on the brink of recession, the north-east state of Bahia is well positioned to withstand the country’s slowing economic growth. 

The China-Latin America corridor widens further

December 2, 2013

With the US and European crises behind them, South American trade figures are back on an upward slope. Local banks are paving the way for improved relations with China, and Chinese banks are increasing their presence in the region. Even the proximity of the US could have its benefits.

Not the full picture? Brazil’s poorly performing BM&F Bovespa stock market does not necessarily reflect the country’s economy

Brazil's poor economic data belies growth potential

October 1, 2013

As Brazil’s economy continues to disappoint, investors are turning their attentions to other Latin American economies. But Brazil’s investment potential should not be underestimated.

Sebastien Chatel

Brasil Plural takes multi-tasking approach

August 1, 2013

Brasil Plural is a relative newcomer to the financial markets, but has already played an important part in the world’s biggest initial public offering of 2013, to date. However, as Brazil's economy slows, will the bank's diverse approach help it to maintain its early momentum?

Dawn of a new market: with record-breaking deals, such as Petrobras’s $11bn bond issuance, taking place in the country, investment banks are fighting for a stake in Brazil’s rapidly expanding market

Brazil's investment banks vie for market share

July 1, 2013

Once dominated by global firms, Brazil’s investment banking space is being reclaimed by local players, putting the squeeze on returns. But, despite increased competition and lower returns, is Brazil’s economy just too big to be ignored?

Brazil's big four maintain Latin American dominance

July 1, 2013

Although Brazil's largest four banks remain well clear of the pack in Latin America, there were promising developments in Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela in 2012.

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