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Latam trade finance

Latam's trade finance path

November 3, 2014

Trade finance is emerging as a key part of the Latin American banking business model and is bound to be a hot topic on the agenda at this year's Felaban annual meeting being held in Colombia in November. Ahead of this, The Banker speaks to experts about the challenges and opportunities that this growing business line is creating in the Latin American market.

New year, new optimism

Peru's banks set to bounce back from 2013 blip

February 3, 2014

Although still impressive by Latin American standards, Peru's growth story of recent years suffered a slight setback in 2013. But with a construction industry ripe for take-off, foreign banks eyeing the country, a growth in loans and an increase in demand for financial services from SMEs, 2014 looks full of promise.

Finance minister of Peru avoids complacency trap

Peru's finance minister avoids complacency trap

August 1, 2013

The finance minister of Peru has every reason to be satisfied given the country's continued economic growth. However, as he tells The Banker, a new reform package aimed at beefing up its capital markets and making the country more business-friendly are designed to ensure that this growth is built to last.

Emerging markets take profits crown

July 1, 2013

Banks from the emerging markets in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region dominate this year’s most profitable banks, leaving European banks with only two countries in the top 25 ranking. 

Peru's economic boom fuels banking progress

Peru's economic boom fuels banking progress

June 3, 2013

An economic boom coupled with new technologies is allowing Peruvian banks to tap consumer bases that have long been overlooked in the country. But, as the banking market advances at a breakneck speed, there are vulnerabilities to look out for – not least dollarisation.

Luis Castilla

Peru's finance minister refuses to rest on his laurels

January 2, 2013

Peru is one of the fastest growing economies in South America and is making strong progress in developing its infrastructure to establish itself as a gateway between Asia and Latin America. However, its finance minister is still focused on boosting the country's prosperity and eradicating poverty.

Brazil and Mexico still top draws for Latam financial FDI

November 1, 2012

São Paulo may have retained its position as the leading financial centre in Latin America with regards to financial services activity, but the most impressive deal was pulled off in Mexico.

Peru's growth spurt attracts international attention

Peru's growth spurt attracts international attention

July 2, 2012

The sustained growth over the past few years of Peru's economy and banking sector has caused international investors to sit up and take notice. However, with this growth coming at a faster pace than the country's capital markets can absorb, many of its businesses are having to expand into the rest of Latin America in order to maximise their gains.


Battlelines are drawn in the fight for Latam's HNWIs

May 1, 2012

Many of Latin America's high-net-worth individuals are repatriating their funds and an increasing number of foreign investors are targeting the region, thanks to its rapidly expanding economy. With such demand for local product providers, domestic firms are finding themselves having to pit their specialist knowledge against the international reach of large foreign banks, making competition tough.

Latam banks lead the liquidity league

January 25, 2012
Top 10 central bank depositors, end-2010

Latin American banks dominate the rankings for deposits with the central bank, providing large liquidity cushions in their countries if needed.

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