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Bank Internasional Indonesia

August 1, 2005

Boosting profits at a mid-size bank in an often turbulent market is not easy. But, with Indonesia on an upswing during a smooth political handover in 2004, Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) discovered many opportunities to raise its game. The result was a 101% increase in Tier 1 capital to $383m and net profit almost doubled.

Philippine Banks

August 1, 2005

The Philippines did not suffer from the Asian crisis as badly as its neighbours. Ironically, the result has been a banking system that has taken longer to recover.
Many banks are still dealing with non-performing loans (NPLs) – arguably the highest in the region – that are about 10% of the system. Although down from their peak of 18% in 2001, a comparison with the 5% in 1997 is a better indication of what still needs to be done.

Political upheaval masks Philippine soundness

August 1, 2005

While political drama grabs the headlines, Philippine reform efforts are paying off in the form of economic gains, and intentions for further improvements remain intact. Karina Robinson reports from Manila.

Driven by faith and overdue reforms

August 1, 2005

Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo gives Karina Robinson a glimpse of the tenacity that is now keeping her in power.
“She has a PhD in politics,” says a top official about President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Philippines, when discussing whether the youthful 58-year-old with a 1985 doctorate in public finance is a technocrat or a politician.

Vietnam readies itself for foreign arrivals

August 1, 2005

Nick Freeman reports from Hanoi on Vietnam’s burgeoning banking sector and local strategies for survival as foreign enthusiasm grows.

Economic engineers

July 4, 2005

The slow pace of legal and regulatory reform is a recurring frustration across all sectors of the economy but is only one piece of a bigger puzzle.

Impressive progress keeps hopes high

July 4, 2005

Afghanistan has many issues to resolve, such as security, a poor infrastructure and over-reliance on aid. But when you consider the recent strides that have been made, the country has reason for optimism. James Eedes reports from Kabul.

China’s growth marks new economic era

July 4, 2005

China has entered a new cycle of growth and is willing to integrate further into the world economy, contributing to the greater global good, according to Jin Renqing, the Chinese finance minister.
The politician was speaking at a presentation to mark his acceptance of The Banker’s Finance Minister of the Year, Asia award in London early last month. Mr Jin outlined the latest macroeconomic developments in his home nation and revealed Chinese efforts to maintain a stable economic outlook.

India’s credit clean-up

July 4, 2005

Efforts by Indian banks to sort out non-performing assets and laws to protect creditors’ rights have made the lending climate more favourable, reports Kala Rao.

Taiwan bids to become a financial powerhouse

July 4, 2005

Taiwan’s push to consolidate its banking sector received a boost recently but whether its efforts will pay off is uncertain. Dennis Engbath reports from Taipei.

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