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Lebanon presses forward with privatisations

May 5, 2010

Lebanon's minister of finance, Raya Haffar Al Hassanm, only took office last November but is already making inroads on attracting private investors to the region and tackling structural economic deficiencies. Writer Daniel Maalo

Lebanon's banks keep crisis at bay

May 5, 2010

Lebanon's banking sector continues to confound the pessimism that has plagued global finance since the onset of the crisis. However, the threat of political instability lingers, as does the possibility of an overdue round of consolidation. Writer Daniel Maalo

Lebanon's tradition of economic liberalism continues

October 5, 2009

Political risk consultant Exclusive Analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and the risks of investing in Lebanon.

Is Lebanon's economy crisis proof?

October 5, 2009

The Lebanese economy's remarkable ability to withstand both political strife at home and financial crises overseas received universal acclaim. Achieving political consensus and reforming the country's archaic public finances will be the next challenge. Charlie Corbett reports from Beirut.

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Doomsayers defied but challenges loom for Lebanese banks

October 5, 2009

Lebanon's banking sector won worldwide praise for its resilience to the economic downturn. A bigger challenge for the banks, however, will be to convince the country's new government of the urgency of fiscal and economic reform.

Spotlight on investment trends in Lebanon

October 5, 2009

During the past five years, Lebanon has emerged as a prosperous investment arena for the hotels and tourism and business services sectors, writes Charlie Corbett.

Pillar of strength

October 5, 2009

Lebanon's banks are thriving and this is in no small part down to the actions of the country's much-admired central bank governor, Riad Salameh. He spoke to The Banker about how he plans to maintain the country's financial stability.

Riad Salameh

March 10, 2009

The governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank explains how strict regulation has ensured domestic banks have plenty of reserves to fall back on during the crisis.

Lebanon reaps the benefits of caution

March 10, 2009

A recent history of political turmoil has taught Lebanon to manage its risk carefully. Domestic banks’ highly conservative approach has not only helped insulate them from the crisis but means they are now attracting funds from local depositors who have lost confidence in foreign institutions. Writer Jules Stewart.

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