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Dr Fahad Al-Mubarak

SAMA governor targets SME and consumer banking

April 1, 2015

The governor of Saudi Arabia’s central bank, Dr Fahad Al-Mubarak, sees growth potential in consumer banking and SMEs, and is helping banks better cater to these sectors. 

A global energy shift

A global energy shift: how US shale production is shaping a new world order

March 1, 2015

US shale production has significantly altered the landscape of the global energy market. Ahead of the Institute of International Finance's annual spring meeting in Qatar, James King looks at how OPEC is responding to this seismic shift.

Will Middle Eastern private equity maintain its momentum

Will Middle Eastern private equity maintain its momentum

February 2, 2015

The Middle East's private equity market had a successful year in 2014, with several notable deals, a number of vehicles closing their fundraising and increased international interest in the market. James King investigates how likely it is that its popularity will extend into 2015.

Another Saudi success story

Big profits in a strong economy… another Saudi success story

May 1, 2014

There are commentators within the country who claim that the Saudi Arabian economy and its banking environment may well be the best in the world, with strong profits, a high level of capital investment and robust demographics. But there are concerns that small and medium enterprises do not have enough access to lending, providing a new focus for bank efforts.

Banks start to close the gender divide in Saudi Arabia

Banks start to close the gender divide in Saudi Arabia

May 1, 2014

The naming of the first woman CEO at a Saudi investment bank is one of several signs that the country's banking sector is redressing its gender imbalance.

The Saudi Arabian juggernaut powers on and on

The Saudi Arabian juggernaut powers on and on

May 1, 2014

Despite a drop in oil revenues, Saudi Arabia’s economy remains the envy of most countries in the world, boosted by government spending and the vibrant non-oil private sector. Not satisfied with this, the government is instigating major social reforms in the labour market and in education. 

Where does asset management fit in the Islamic finance picture?

November 1, 2013

The growth that has characterised the rise of the Islamic finance industry has thus far evaded the asset management segment of the market, with a dearth of institutions focused on the creation of sharia-compliant investment products. John A Sandwick of Islamic Wealth & Asset Management assesses the situation.

Brownfield investment: the Rabigh power plant (pictured) is one example of a project that was funded entirely by Islamic money

Islamic project financing: a health check

November 1, 2013

Three senior figures from the Islamic finance industry discuss how sharia-compliant project finance has fared in 2013 after a stellar decade, and look at its prospects – with a particular focus on sukuk – for 2014 and beyond.

The Islamic liquidity management quest

November 1, 2013

While IILM's debut issuance of a $490m sukuk in August was a significant milestone for Islamic finance, it will barely dent the industry’s short-term liquidity management issues, which are hampering growth.

Arab banks show clean bill of health

Top 100 Arab banks ranking, 2013: Clean bill of health

October 1, 2013

The Arab world has captured the wrong kind of attention in recent years as the Arab Spring uprisings and their aftermath have dominated global headlines. However, The Banker's Top 100 Arab Banks rankings show a banking industry that is well capitalised and well run.

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