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Saudi Arabia's banks look to build on boom

May 1, 2012

With significant potential for growth in the country's real estate, retail and capital markets, Saudi Arabia's banks, which are already highly liquid and rapidly increasing their profitability, are making bold projections for their future successes.

Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

May 1, 2012

Armed with deep pools of liquidity, many Middle Eastern banks are exploring new avenues of growth, from expanding their regional presence to concentrating on innovation within the Islamic finance sphere.

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Saudi Arabia's economy goes from strength to strength

April 2, 2012

By identifying potential weaknesses and fixing them – diversifying a previously oil-reliant economy and encouraging growth in the private sector – Saudi Arabia has managed to sustain a growing economy, even through times of economic and political turmoil.

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Saudi Arabia's banking sector hits new heights

April 2, 2012

Loans are up, deposits are growing and profits are healthy in Saudi Arabia's banks. But with growth opportunities in Islamic finance and a low proportion of home ownership in the country, there are still many more lucrative areas for these institutions to tap.


SAMA chief focuses on domestic developments

November 1, 2011

Muhammad Al-Jasser, the governor of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, says that while the country's role within the wider Middle Eastern and global economies is an important one, in times of such financial anxiety, it is important to focus on domestic matters.

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HSBC and SABB pull off landmark sharia-compliant deal in Indonesia

September 1, 2011

It has taken nearly two years, but Indonesian mobile telecoms operator Axis has secured $1.2bn of sharia-compliant financing. For many of the players involved, it was their first dealing with sharia principles, presenting HSBC and its Saudi affiliate with a complex task.

Mohammad Al-Jasser, central bank governor, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian central bank seeks to meet sukuk challenge

March 15, 2011

Mohammad Al-Jasser, governor of Saudi Arabia’s central bank, discusses the huge potential of sukuk issuance in an interview with Stephen Timewell in Riyadh.

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Saudi banks view future with a mixture of caution and optimism

March 10, 2011

Saudi Arabia's banks largely enjoyed a profitable 2010 and are looking to 2011 with renewed optimism. Though the lessons of the past few years mean that a cautious approach will be adhered to, the sector's future certainly looks bright.

King Abdullah Financial District, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia steps up its growth strategy

March 9, 2011

Saudi Arabia stuttered during the global financial crisis, but never plumbed the depths of the world's more developed economies. Now, the country's leaders are eyeing a more prosperous future, with a key focus being on educating and employing its youth and women.

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HSBC's sukuk solution

July 6, 2010

With its seven-year maturity making it the longest for any sukuk drawn up by a Saudi corporate, the $1.9bn capital raising put together for the Saudi Electric Company marks a huge achievement for the HSBC Saudi Arabia team that assembled it. Writer Edward Russell-Walling

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