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Portugal: the ones to watch

May 5, 2008

Peter Wise reports on the Portuguese firms that are making a name for themselves on the international stage.

Shoring up the defences

May 5, 2008

Just as the dust was settling on the chaotic attempted takeover of Banco BPI by Millennium BCP, the global credit crunch came along. Peter Wise reports on a tumultuous 18 months for Portugal’s banking sector.

Using its special advantage

April 7, 2008

Peter Wise and Brian Caplen talk to chief executive Ricardo Espírito Santo Salgado about Banco Espírito Santo’s plans to expand further its well-established banking network in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Banking sector holds strong amid BCP storm

October 1, 2007

The media coverage given to the tussle at the top of Millennium BCP risks deflecting attention away from the positive evolution of Portuguese banking, says Peter Wise .

Greater EU presence on the world stage

July 2, 2007

As Portugal takes over the EU presidency, the country’s president, Professor Aníbal Cavaco Silva, stresses the need, among other things, for Europe to assert itself as an effective and influential global performer.

Winning strategies

May 7, 2007

Portugal’s banks have weathered the economic downturn by focusing on efficiency. Not only that, but they are now expanding abroad. Peter Wise reports.

Banks cast eyes on new horizons

May 7, 2007

Financial groups are expanding abroad – not just in international M&A but also into new areas such as project finance and debt issuance. Peter Wise reports.

A deeper dialogue and structural reforms

May 7, 2007

Portugal’s prime minister, José Sócrates, talks to Brian Caplen and Peter Wise about his priorities for the EU presidency and his determination to ‘build Portugal into a modern country’ fully equipped to compete in the global economy.

Downgraded but not out

May 7, 2007

Portugal is making a comeback after recession, although recent cuts in deficits have not yet been enough to win over rating agencies, writes Peter Wise.

Freeing up corporate debt

May 2, 2006

Peter Wise reports on the new laws billed to overcome impediments to investing in Portugal’s debt market.

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