Latest articles from Chris Skinner

Rise of the social bank

February 22, 2011

Customers rather than regulators will force major changes in banking.

Trading strategies: Garbage in, garbage out

January 31, 2011

Applying a blanket regulation to restrict all high-frequency trading will hinder financial institutions' ability to deal with abnormal market conditions.

A question of definition

December 8, 2010

Regulators need to get their interpretations right if the industry is expected to stick to the rules.

How technology has transformed banking

November 24, 2010

It is time for the banks to embrace Web 2.0 by putting the customer in control of how they receive financial services.

Look East for source of next big crisis

September 29, 2010

We are due for another global financial crisis in 30 to 50 years' time - and Asian rivalry appears the most likely cause. By Chris Skinner

Next-generation mobile will not signal the death of branches

July 28, 2010

The accelerating development of mobile internet banking does not necessarily mean the end of bank branches. By Chris Skinner

Regulators home in on technology

July 6, 2010

Electronic trading is an obvious target for the regulators, but they are unlikely to succeed in reining in progress. By Chris Skinner

Why PayPal et al do not matter

May 28, 2010

Chris Skinner

While new toys in the payments world may be exciting, they are unlikely to herald a revolution.

Why mobile is changing the banking planet

March 31, 2010

Many thought the revolution in mobile banking would be a long time coming. They were wrong. By Chris Skinner

A single view misses the bigger picture

March 3, 2010

Implementing a single customer view will cost millions, requires major system shake-ups and will take different forms across different countries. Is it worth the upheaval? By Chris Skinner

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