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As inflation risk rises, banks should step up stress tests

August 18, 2021

In the current environment, it’s hard to predict how inflation will play out, and banks should weigh up all possible outcomes.

Argentina’s volatile outlook adds to bank challenges

August 16, 2021

Return on equity at the country’s leading lenders has fluctuated in recent years due to a volatile economic environment.

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Steady Guatemalan banks navigate Covid-19 fallout

August 12, 2021

The country’s largest banks have sufficient capital to absorb larger credit losses resulting from the pandemic.

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Jamaica begins ‘retail’ CBDC pilot

August 12, 2021

The Bank of Jamaica has distributed $1.5m in central bank digital currencies to authorised institutions.

Brazil fintech

Brazil sees fintech FDI outperform financial services

August 11, 2021

Covid-19 has dampened investment into Latin America’s largest country, but the fintech space has remained buoyant.

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Latam banking tightly linked to precarious recovery

July 27, 2021

The region’s largest banks may have weathered the pandemic, but their fortunes are still out of their control.


A glimmer of hope in Peru?

July 27, 2021

Political tensions risk getting in the way of Peru’s economic rebound, but a freshly ratified trade agreement may keep investors’ interest alive.

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The DoJ’s power to subpoena foreign banks expands as the SFO’s diminishes

July 22, 2021

Recent legislation signals the US government’s determination to root out financial crime, regardless of where it may originate.

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Infrastructure investors eye flexible debt terms in Latam

July 8, 2021

Demand for more flexible borrowing terms is putting pressure on international and local banks to be more accommodating in order to remain competitive.

Morgan Stanley offices Covid

Can UK banks adopt a Morgan Stanley-style approach to returning to work?

July 7, 2021

The US investment bank is looking to bar non-vaccinated staff from its New York offices, allowing it to remove remaining restrictions.