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Why london should learn tolove brussels

September 3, 2007

High standards of governance will be essential to convince local investors to participate in the regional financial centres that are springing up around the world. And London looks set to benefit from business with those centres as they adopt EU-style regulations, writes Brandon Davies.

The City makes a head startfor hub status

September 3, 2007

The market for Islamic banking is forecast to grow at double the rate that conventional wholesale banking will grow in the next five years. Unsurprisingly, banking centres around the world are scrambling to establish footprints in the market. Natasha de Terán investigates how London is positioned.

Room for more sharia compliance

September 3, 2007

A new Islamic bank has opened for business in London, bringing the number of standalone, wholly Islamic banks in the UK to three. Is the market big enough? Michael Imeson reports.

No ifs or butts for the City’s smokers

July 4, 2007

Smoking in enclosed public spaces, including offices, is about to be made a criminal offence in England. The move is welcomed in many quarters, but employers whose employees break the law will be liable to pay much heftier fines than the errant employees themselves, writes Michael Imeson.

Regulator academy

June 4, 2007

The establishment of a school for financial regulation in London should attract students from around the world eager to learn about the UK’s principles-based oversight model, says Mervyn Davies.

‘Fair’ penalties could threaten free banking

April 2, 2007

If British banks are forced to cut the penalties they charge on current accounts, there is a danger that they will make up the shortfall elsewhere, writes Michael Imeson.

On the bandwagon

April 2, 2007

Covered bond issuance out of the US will not only widen the global market, but also deepen the investor base for the European issuers, writes Michael Marray.

Feeding the flame

April 2, 2007

Although covered bond issuance is booming in the UK, legislation to bring the country in line with the EU is in the pipeline. Michael Marray reports on the advantages this will bring for the market.

The true story of numbers at HSBC

February 5, 2007

On the back of a series of negative press and analyst comments, The Banker catches up with Douglas Flint, group finance director of HSBC, to hear the bank’s explanation.

Global circulation for the Square Mile

February 5, 2007

Karina Robinson finds that John Stuttard, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, must travel extensively to fulfil his remit as the financial district’s champion.

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