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Are emerging market banks more transparent?

December 21, 2011

Banks in emerging markets appear to run greater risks to achieve greater returns. But they may just be more conservative in assessing their risks.


No quick fix to Brazil's huge infrastructure needs

December 15, 2011

Brazilian infrastructure is in desperate need of investment if it is to support the country's growing economy. But with restrictions on foreign investment, limited public and domestic funding and opposition to further development from environmentalists, taking advantage of the plethora of opportunities in this sector is not straightforward.

Seeds for Brazil's blossoming

Unlocking Brazil's entrepreneurial spirit

September 1, 2011

Brazil may be the world’s seventh largest economy in terms of gross domestic product, but its legislation and taxation policies, not to mention its infrastructure, still needs a lot of work if the country is to realise its full potential.

Regeneration efforts in Rio de Janeiro shuold help fill Brazil's housing shortage

Long-term funding holds key to Brazil's future economic stability

June 30, 2011

Brazil is undergoing a renaissance, with its improving standards of living and a consumer credit boom. The next challenge is to secure longer-term funding for the fledgling mortgage market and reduce interest rates.

Petrobras is looking at the euro and sterling markets more closely

Petrobras eyes euro and sterling markets

June 30, 2011

Brazilian oil company Petrobras is planning to take advantage of the changing world order in currency terms by reducing its reliance on the US dollar in favour of the euro and sterling markets.

Brazil’s stock exchange plays catch up

June 30, 2011

Previously reliant on their own resources or bank loans to raise capital, companies in Brazil are now recognising the benefits of listing. But it will take a while before the country's stock exchange catches up with others around the world.

Andres Esteves

BTG Pactual riding high on Brazil's economic strength

June 1, 2011

Armed with new capital, BTG Pactual has been busy deal-making this year under the direction of CEO Andre Esteves.

Is Brazil heading for a credit bubble?

March 24, 2011

The spike in loans to individuals over the past year has led some analysts to suggest there is a credit bubble in Brazil. Click here to find out more.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Does Brazil have a credit bubble?

March 18, 2011

Fears expressed recently that a credit bubble is emerging in Brazil have been dismissed by bankers in the country. However, there are other risks to the country's economy that do concern them.

Brazil's increasing affluence is creating an expanding clientele for wealth management firms

Wealth management boom in Brazil

January 31, 2011

Business is booming for the wealth management sector in Brazil. Large domestic banks still dominate the industry but international players have found plenty of scope to move in on this expanding market.

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